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Keys - 1 Player Mode:

Arrow keys move. B: Jump. N: Dash/Action. M: Switch characters. Up: Piggyback. Down: Stop piggyback.

Keys - 2 Player Mode:

Player 1 - Arrow keys move. B: Jump. N: Dash/Action. Up: Piggyback. Down: Stop piggyback.

Player 2 - WASD keys move. R: Jump. T: Dash/Action. W: Piggyback. S: Stop piggyback.

Escape: Back to menu.

If you're having trouble and would like help, getting stuck or would like to get past the password screen, send me an email initials [at]

Making your own levels for Super Lemonade Factory.

First download the project from here and unzip it.

Download the Ogmo Editor from

You'll need to download the Ogmo Editor version 0.918. This project may not work with Ogmo Editor v2.x.

The Ogmo Editor is a free and open source level editor created by Matt Thorson. It will run on Windows, Linux and OSX.

The Ogmo Editor requires Adobe Air. If you don't have Adobe Air installed, download it from Adobe's website.

Once installed, open it up and go to File > Open Project.

Open the file _SuperLemonadeFactory.oep

From here you can open existing levels or create your own. There are three levels included in the project zip file.

After creating a level, save it as a .oel file. You can load these levels into the Flash game above.

If you have created a level you'd like to see in the game, email the .oel file to initials [at] initialscommand [dot] com.